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What type of consumer data, you might be asking.


Well, meet Pam. She lives in Sedgwick, Kansas and she loves orange juice. She was one out of more than eleven thousand people to print an offer from one of our beverage clients during a quick campaign last fall. Pam was one of the women that made up the 89% of females that printed this offer. She printed on October 15th, but redeemed at a Schnuck Market in St. Louis, MO on October 31st. Pam was a little bit of an anomaly since all of the top 10 print cities for this offer were on the East Coast, even though it was a nationally distributed coupon. She was one of the 40% of the consumers that printed that were new fans to this brand and became fans just from this coupon. She shared the coupon to her wall and sent several of her friends to print it as well. We love consumers like Pam and so do our clients because data is king.

Your coupon offers are the most cost effective way to gather invaluable data about the consumers that are interested or intending to participate with your brand. Understanding those verified demographics and then comparing them to sales data is the missing link when it comes to developing a true shopper marketing style campaign. With accurate, verified data your shopper marketing campaigns are laser focused and based on fact, not assumptions.

Once a campaign has been developed, it can be tested in the marketplace by region or even by retailer. You can test messaging and offer amount by launching multiple offers in the same area. With a SaaS based platform with unlimited prints and no set up fees, your options are really limitless.