Home Depot built an entire company around the idea that people really do want to “Do It Themselves”. Qples decided that was exactly the same tactic to take with our clients. I know some other coupon providers want you to think there is some coupon magician building those offers and sending out proofs. But here’s the real secret, you have everything you need to really do it yourself. You already have to gather your assets…. Offer description, product image, legal and barcodes…. Uh oh… we have the makings of a coupon folks!

With the Qples DIY platform, you create your coupons, launch them anywhere and then log in to see how they are performing. What could be easier than that? And, just like with Home Depot, the savings are passed down to you for all your hard work. So hire the expensive coupon carpenter if you want, or jump in and get your hands dirty with us. It’s actually pretty fun!

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