1. You Need Additional Distribution: Run a coupon campaign then use the consumer data to show your brokers or retailers that you do have consumers who are interested in your product in their geographic areas. It’s hard to argue data and when you can show that North and South Carolina are your top print areas, it’s a lot easier to get sell in there.

2. You Need to Boost Your CRM Program: We have had many clients who run offers and include our form fill option to increase their newsletter database. Then once you have built that audience, increase click through rates to your newsletter by adding a coupon that only subscribers can print.

3. You Need to Increase Social Platforms: Coupons are a fantastic way to get that viral chatter happening about your brand. Get the new fans there with offers and keep them there with great content. When you regularly include offers into the social mix, those fans will keep checking back and tell their friends!

4. You Need to Support a New Product: For over 100 years brands have used coupons to incentivize trial. Build an offer and launch it to all of your hosted mediums to let consumers know about your great new product. Remember: High value offers tend to perform better for new product launches than BOGO.

5. You Need to Increase Engagement with Consumers: The Qples Qube, our proprietary print window, is the perfect place to engage your fans. In the Qube you can include a video of a recipe being made, ask for newsletter sign ups, include a store locator and even redirect to other content. Launch an offer just to have your fans experience something new in the Qube.

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