After launching FREE NETWORK last quarter, we have been bombarded with questions about why we went with a FREE model and how on earth we are doing it. So I would love to share our “why” with all of you.

Qples has always strived to be a better coupon company for our brand partners and as such, operated with a BRAND FIRST mentality when deciding to launch a network at all. Even though the “how” was easy, WHY would we do it for free when other coupon providers make the bulk of their revenue from Set Up Fees and Per Print Charges? Because we are marketers too and understand limited budgets and the pain of getting nickeled and dimed to death. By providing free distribution for manufacturer’s network campaigns, it leaves marketing dollars available for brands to use to further their coupon goals in other areas like Hosted offers that drive traffic to their own properties or paid media that supercharges campaigns.

In typical Qples fashion, we wanted to bring the tech and make it the BEST solution available for manufacturers. With Qples FREE DFSI you can reach any velocity you need and have the tools to geo-target, throttle offers to match media program schedules and retrieve detailed consumer reporting never before available on DFSI campaigns.

Want to try it out? Not to worry, we aren’t fond of sales calls either, so you do not even have to endure one! Simply go to and get started on your own.

We hope that the new Self-Serve FREE DFSI product is a huge success for you that you actually enjoy using!

Happy Couponing,

Brandi Johnson

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