Qples didn’t want to be the Giant Untouchable of the coupon world just handing over an off-the-shelf tool. We wanted to work with our brand clients when developing new technologies and that’s exactly what we have done for the last 5 years.

Through those conversations with you, our brand partners, you have inspired some of the best tools in our toolkit. General Mills asked that they have the ability to “reset” coupons to let consumers who had printed before be able to print again from their monthly newsletters. So we created it! Harris Teeter had this great idea to “chain” coupons together so that when one hit its print limit the next one in the chain would automatically launch. So we built it! Most recently Simple Mills told us they used Mail Chimp and told us how much easier it would be to use their newsletter database as the point of authentication. So we integrated it!

The best thing about all of these inspirations is that they benefit the WHOLE! When Qples adds one of these amazing client suggestions everyone gets access to it. YOU, our brand partners have helped to shape the Qpon Engine and we can’t wait to see what’s in your awesome brains… or just on your To Do List.

So… write an email, mail a postcard, or send a carrier pigeon with your hot ideas and we’ll get to work!



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