Imagine in your mind's eye a swiss army knife but instead of a tiny pair of scissors and a tiny file, it's a tiny coupon and another tiny coupon. Ok, that may be a stretch but what we are trying to say is that a coupon can do so many things for your marketing needs!

Drive Sales

Coupons are a proven mechanism for creating sales lift. The need will drive the coupon value and the strategy will drive distribution. Take it one step further with Qples! Use the Qpon Engine’s robust data that will be a product of your campaign against sales data to verify messaging, coupon values and channels. If Qples has access to your redemption data, the portal will also offer you the ability to review your retailer redemption information in an easy to navigate view.

Promote Product Usage

Promoting usage is the key to maintaining consumer loyalty. You know you just targeted a consumer because they chose to print your offer. Now is the time to introduce usage ideas they may not have even considered before. The Qube, the Qpon Engine’s proprietary print window, opens to guide the consumer through the print process and can be utilized to help promote usage. The Qube Ad Space could have graphics calling out a recipe, or a link to recipe page on your website. Utilizing the Video Intro, you can deliver content showing a recipe being made or how your product can be used. Finally, the Bottom of the Page Ad space could be used to print a recipe to the area under the printed coupon making it readily accessible for your consumer.

Increase Awareness of New Product

Launching a new product can be a daunting project. Utilizing coupons and the features in the Qpon Engine can help make your product launch a success. Execute a campaign on a current product that will automatically open up a Qube, Qples proprietary print window, to execute the print process. The print window has two Qube Ad Spaces that you can use to tease or highlight your new product as the consumer goes through the print process. In the ad space, put an image with new product messaging that links to a new product page on your website. That Qube Ad could even lead to another coupon for your new product! This is a great way to take consumers who like your existing products and make a simple incentivized suggestion to try out your great new item.

Adding a product highlight in a Bottom of the Page Ad is also a great way to make the introduction of the new product. You could also utilize a campaign distribution link to include in your e-newsletter that drives to a coupon for your new product while being able to track prints specifically from the email. Those e-subscribers are fans and the best audience to drive trial from. Adding the coupon to your e-newsletter also gives you the forum to highlight the product description or call out specific retailers that will carry the SKU.

Finally, if you are a Destini Store Locator client, you could create a coupon for your new product to live in your store locator as well as adding the store locator to the bottom of the printed coupon. This is especially important if your new product has limited distribution.

Move Consumers Around Portfolio

Moving consumers around a company’s brand portfolio is a common challenge. With the Qpon Printer, you will have many tools at your disposal to make this a natural experience for the consumer.

The Qube, the Qpon Engine’s proprietary print window, opens to guide the consumer through the print process and can be utilized to introduce a fan of one of your brands to another portfolio brand. The Qube Ad Space could have graphics calling out other products and the hyperlinks could lead to that brand’s product page or even a coupon for that particular brand’s products. Utilizing the Video Intro, you can deliver content introducing other brands in the portfolio, leveraging the brand affinity for the original product. Finally, the Bottom of the Page ad space could be used to highlight the entire portfolio, thus passively exposing it to the consumer. You could also utilize a campaign distribution link to include in your e-newsletter that drives to a coupon for your new product while being able to track prints specifically from the email.

Enhance Stickiness or Loyalty

The age-old marketing question: How do ya keep them coming back for more? Online stickiness has been a topic of marketing strategy conversation since the creation of the internet. Qples is here to help. Adding coupons to your website is a proven way to get consumers there! You can add a campaign distribution link behind a call to action button or even add a simple coupon gallery if you have multiple products to promote. A Qples’ clients, the largest couponer in the country, added a gallery to one of their brand pages and it became the most highly trafficked page in the company!

Another great way to help create stickiness is to use the Form Fill feature to insert an opt-in to the coupon print process. This opt-in can feed your e-newsletter database thus taking a drive-by coupon consumer to a loyal subscriber. One of our brands executed this method and passively asked coupon printers if they wanted to join their newsletter via the Form Fill. They grew their newsletter database by over 30,000 in under a year!

Turn Fans into a Focus Group

What a brand wouldn’t give to tap into consumer sentiment. With Qples- you can! The Qpon Engine Form Fill feature provides brands with a way to create a short/ custom questionnaires that will be presented in the Qube before consumers begin the print process. These forms can be completely customized allowing brands to generate questions and retrieve answers in a simple to download CSV file.

Another great way to find out what your customers are thinking is to execute using our campaign distribution links. Inside of a campaign you can create custom distribution links that can be utilized for specific product images or call-to-action buttons. Create separate distribution links and add them to product images under a call to “Pick Your Favorite Flavor”. The system will then track prints from each link showing you which is your customers’ favorite, you may be surprised!

Grow Your CRM or Social Platforms

The Qpon Engine is chock full of built-in tools to grow your fan bases! Whether growing your e-newsletter database or growing your social channels, Qples has a way to help you get there. The Form Fill feature is one of our most utilized capabilities. Brands use this to add a custom opt-in to the beginning of every consumer print experience. The Opt-in can be mandatory or optional, but even optional opt-in opportunities will drive consumer engagement. The platform can be used to create coupons that you can then deploy into your own Opt-in that lives on your website as a “thank you”.

The Qpon Engine’s AMP IT UP capability, makes creating an incentivized share coupon a snap. Simply create a lower and higher value coupon then select AMP IT UP to join the offers together into a campaign. Users will be displayed the lower value offer with an option to get a higher value offer for sharing. This is a fantastic way to increase the viral chatter around your coupon and gain new fans.

Finally, the Qples platform includes an actual Coupons Facebook Tab that can be simply installed on your brand Facebook page. This “always there” offer is a great way to maintain the stickiness of the channel. Consumers that discover your social pages on mobile will still have the opportunity to engage in coupons with our Print Later feature. Consumers can easily email the coupon link to themselves to print when they get back to their computer.

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