DFSI is not Greek for Confusing!


Brand Managers jumping into the grocery CPG world get bombarded with all kinds of new acronyms, but we thought we could help define at least one!

There are basically two types of distribution you can utilize for online coupons: Hosted (Bricks)-those coupons that live on properties you control like your brand site, social channels, newsletters or even digital media you buy.  Network (DFSI)- those coupons that you rely on your provider to distribute on your behalf.  Over the years, the term “network” has become synonymous with DFSI because most providers utilize a network of websites to get maximum exposure to your coupons.  “Bricks” is a term that is synonymous in the industry for Hosted coupons, and quite frankly, we don’t know why. 

When is Hosted and when is Network the right answer?

The answer is to simply check the goal of your campaign.  Outside of the traditional coupon benefits, Qples’ Hosted offers are used for a variety of outcomes like growing your CRM database, gaining insights about your consumers, rewarding sign-ups, incentivizing sharing and more!

If you are looking for NEW consumers then Network is the right choice. DFSI coupons are a great way to grow your shopper base, distribute a TON of coupons fast, introduce a new SKU, crossover from one audience to another, or even drive overall awareness.

So now, you are in-the-know and never have to be embarrassed by the coupon water cooler again.  Whether it’s Hosted or Network, sharing coupons is a fantastic way to increase sales and grow your brand – they’re pretty fun too!

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