First Party Data and GDPR Compliance – Hurdle or Opportunity?

How many times have you heard the terms GDPR and first-party data this week? What about second and third party data? Even though GDPR is legally only impacting the EU, it is inspiring some best practices within the United States that are already taking place. Facebook just announced that they will be culling third-party data providers from their ad networks.

What does GDPR mean for brands? It means soon, brands are going to have to rely more on first-party data to reach and market to consumers. Yes, second and third party data is easier to come by but there is a reason for that. It is fragmented, vague, and often illegitimately obtained. First party data is the data that you gather about your consumers, “straight from the horse’s mouth” so to speak. You are the first party! Relying on first-party data can be scary if you only have a small amount of it or if you do not know exactly what to do with the data you have, but that’s ok! There is plenty of help out there to aide in the proper and effective use of that data.

Look at this as an opportunity for your brand! Remember, in the end, GDPR and the wave of data practices it is inspiring was created to help the consumer have the best possible experience with you, and the best kind of consumer is a happy consumer.

So, let’s chat about building your own first-party data empire. Where can it come from? Newsletter sign ups, surveys, contents, and coupons! Yes, that is right, coupons. Every time a consumer prints your coupon, you learn a little bit of information about them. Where they are, a bit about who they are, what they are interested in, etc. All these little pieces add up a robust picture of your consumers, and it’s all first party

Qples also offers several features to help you increase the amount of data you collect from coupon promotions. Simply add our Form-Fill feature to your next campaign and ask the consumer for their name, email, favorite flavor, or anything else you’d love to know about them. Remember, best practices suggest your first communication be an Opt-in. You can also use our CRM/ API integration to reward new and existing consumers in your database for an increased engagement rate.

The outcome of first-party data campaigns is that you are armed with the tools you need to have meaningful conversations with your shoppers. What else would you like to say to them?

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